Corporate Identity — Spring 2021

Bringing It All Together

The objective of this project is to apply what’s been learned in past courses, including this one, to create a successful brand guideline, letterhead, and business card for a business that I’ve already designed the logo for. …

Corporate I.D. — Spring 2021

Project 3: Restaurant Branding

The objective of this project is to create a name, tagline, and logotype for a fictitious, locally-sourced, organic restaurant.


Concept Option #1: Greek Taverna

Name Options:

  1. Titan Taverna
  2. Hooked
  3. Tzatziki Taverna

Tagline Options:

  1. It’s All Greek to Me
  2. Splash of Flavor
  3. Greece-y is Our Specialty
  4. Authentically Greek, Locally Sourced
  5. Bringing…

Corporate ID. — Spring 2021

Project 2: Olympic Bid

The objective of this project is to design a logo for a candidate host city for The Olympics in the future. This logo should be original, make a statement, create excitement, and accurately represent the city. My delegated candidate city is:

Brussels, Belgium

Winter Olympics 2042


The Olympic Games

  • inspired…

Corporate Identity — Spring 2021

Chosen Museum: Bicycle Heaven

I chose to redesign the logo for the Bicycle Heaven Museum because I personally do enjoy bike riding and after taking the virtual tour of the museum, I felt that it was a very lively place built on a true passion. …

Corporate Identity — Spring 2021

Whitney Museum Branding Response

What was your initial reaction to the Whitney identity system after reading the first article?

Reading the first article about the Whitney branding helped me to appreciate the design more than I had after my first impressions without any background information. I like that the…

Corporate Identity — Spring 2021

Good Logo

Tostitos Logo

I believe that the Tostitos logo is extremely successful. It is a simple and clean logo that still puts forth a meaning and indication of what the brand does. The logo utilizes a custom font that is easily readable yet stands out from common fonts…

Motion Design — Fall 2020

Brainstorming Events:

Event Option 1:

2020(1) Summer Olympics

Keywords: athletic, unity, competition, patriotism, discipline

Event Option 2:

Hope Lives

Keywords: faith, worship, concert, jovial, community

Event Option 3:

Edinboro’s Start of Spring Semester

Keywords: welcoming, work ethic, safety, fight, excitement


Motion Design — Fall 2020, Project 3


I started this project by choosing three topics that interested me and did research on all of them. The three topics I researched were the effects of deforestation, the struggles of online college and how to succeed, and becoming a foster parent.

Motion Design Project 1

Audio Selections:

Option 1: Finding Nemo (32sec) — This option has a more playful tone and faster pace.

Option 2: Now You See Me (32sec) — This option is more mysterious and has a more suspenseful pace. (This is the one I will be using)

Option 3: 10…

Katelyn Whitman

Student at Edinboro University of PA

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