Bicycle Heaven: Logo Redesign

Corporate Identity — Spring 2021

Chosen Museum: Bicycle Heaven

I chose to redesign the logo for the Bicycle Heaven Museum because I personally do enjoy bike riding and after taking the virtual tour of the museum, I felt that it was a very lively place built on a true passion. I respect that and was inspired to dig deeper into the project.

Current Museum Logo Analysis

Current Museum Logo

The current logo design for Bicycle Heaven is painfully outdated. There is an excess of colors used as well as detail. There are at least twelve colors being used in the current logo, however, it is noticeable that their dominant color scheme is warm. The imagery used here is extremely and overly detailed for a logo. The image look like it could possibly be more successful as a mural on the interior of the museum, but it does not work as a logo. They clearly tried to create a heavenly image with a bike wheel as a secondary element. Finally the fonts they chose do not work well together, especially with the overlap. My overall impression of the logo is that they were attempting to go for more of a “badass bicyclist” direction as it looks almost like it could be on the back of a motorcyclist’s jacket.

Bicycle Heaven General Information


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1800 Preble Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233)

Contact Information:

Email —

Office Phone — 412.734.4034

Museum Hours: 7 days a week from 10am-7pm

Social Media:

Facebook — @ bicycleheaven

Instagram — @ bicycle_heaven

Museum History

Bicycle Heaven was started in 1996 after a bike was found in the trash. From there a collection of bikes and bike parts started being collected and the museum was established in 2011 by Craig and Mindy Morrow. Today, Bicycle Heaven is the world’s largest bicycle museum and shop. It is also notably a non-profit museum (they offer free parking and there is no entrance fee). The museum has a second function as a bike repair shop and bike rental shop.

The museum has about 6,000 bicycles ranging from vintage to collectables and rarities to new bikes. They also have themed bike collections and memorabilia in their museum (for example, there is an Elvis Presley corner that is pictured below).

There was an article written by Joe Mandak in July, 2011 when the museum was opened. The article is published on The Durango Herald website and it is titled “Pittsburgh bike ‘hoarder’ opens his Bicycle Heaven.” The article states that Craig Morrow opened the museum simply because of his love for bicycles that he wanted to share.

Museum Interior and Exterior

Museum Exterior
Museum Interior

Design Inspiration

Mind Map


Thumbnail Sketches

More focused thumbnails following critique of original thumbnails:

Process Images

First Drafts

Abstract Mark Option
Word Mark Option
Word Mark Option
Emblem Option

Second Drafts

Third Draft

Type and Color Exploration

Type Exploration

While I was searching for fonts, I wanted something mechanical and clean to represent both parts of the name. The mechanical aspect is meant to represent the bicycle and the clean and clear look of the font needed to represent the heavenly aspect. One font that stood out to me was Condor Black Italic. It is a strong and clean font that appears active and in motion which I liked a lot. However, the font that I feel works best with my logo of choice and with the dynamic of Bicycle Heaven is called Righteous. There is a softness to it that I feel helps to push the heavenly aspect, but there is style a clear structure and science to it. The font’s letterforms also really attracted me because I started seeing the shapes of a bike coming through them. For example, the C is very circular like a wheel and the Y stood out to me as handlebars.

Color Exploration

The colors chosen in these trials were taken directly from the current Bicycle Heaven logo (excluding the grayscale option). The current logo uses far too many colors, but I felt that the colors were successful and had potential if they were more limited.

Final Contenders

Final Logo Redesign for Bicycle Heaven


The objective of this project was to design a new and successful logo for an existing museum. Bicycle Heaven is a museum of bicycles as well as a bike repair and rental shop. The concept behind this abstract logo has multiple fields of thought. The interior lines within the triangle are based on the interior lines and shapes seen in a profile view of a bicycle. Those shapes were placed into a triangle in order to embrace the heavenly aspect of the museum coming from its name. The triangle’s three sides may represent the holy trinity. All together the abstract mark also resembles a stained glass window. The font Righteous was used because of the mechanical like letterforms which bear resemblance to parts of a bicycle, specifically the rounded “C” which appears like a wheel and the “Y” which looks similar to handlebars.

Student at Edinboro University of PA