Restaurant Branding Project

Corporate I.D. — Spring 2021

Project 3: Restaurant Branding

The objective of this project is to create a name, tagline, and logotype for a fictitious, locally-sourced, organic restaurant.


Concept Option #1: Greek Taverna

Name Options:

  1. Titan Taverna
  2. Hooked
  3. Tzatziki Taverna

Tagline Options:

  1. It’s All Greek to Me
  2. Splash of Flavor
  3. Greece-y is Our Specialty
  4. Authentically Greek, Locally Sourced
  5. Bringing Greece to the Backyard


Color Palette Options:

Type Exploration:

Concept Option #2: Breakfast Diner

Name Options:

  1. Eggspress Diner / Eggspresso Diner
  2. Crack of Dawn Diner
  3. Sunny Side Diner

Tagline Options:

  1. Homegrown Home Cooking
  2. Perfect Morning Pitstop
  3. Eggcelent Days Start Here
  4. Organic Morning Sustenance
  5. Start Your Morning Organically


Color Palette Options:

Type Exploration:

Chosen Direction:

Tzatziki Taverna

Authentically Greek, Locally-Sourced

This restaurant will serve authentic Greek foods and will have a garden that grows the vegetables and fruits that they use such as tomatoes, eggplants, onions, green beans, peppers, cherries, nectarines, peaches and so on. The restaurant will also have a clay oven and a spit in the kitchen. The meats cooked will be organic, free-reign, and grass-fed from a nearby or local farm. There will be a window into the kitchen so customers can look in and observe the authentic Greek cooking methods. The common spices and herbs like the oregano, dill, parsley, ect. will also be organically grown and featured at the restaurant. Additionally, the Tzatziki Taverna will be located near an ocean front so that the fish cooked will be fresh.

Mind Map

Logo Thumbnails

Digital Logo Development

First Drafts
Second Draft with Type Trials
Final Logo Variations

Brand System

Collateral Exploration

Cork Coasters

Vegetable Seed Packets

Final Restaurant Branding


Horizontal and Vertical Formatting

Brand System


Coasters and Vegetable Seed Packets


The objective of this project was to create a name and brand system for a fictitious, locally-sourced, organic restaurant. The restaurant specifically specializes in locally-sourced Greek foods and customer involvement in terms of visibility of ingredients and cooking processes within the restaurant. The logo is intended to reflect a Greek pattern and additionally features the initials of the restaurant, “TT” for Tzatziki Taverna. The partially rounded edges of the logo mark bring in the organic tone to the logo. The type used in the logo is a modified version of Lato. More of the character’s edges are rounded in order to better relate with the mark. Lato was chosen overall because of its already existing rounded corners. The simplicity of the font helps to avoid cliché Greek styles and better matches the simplicity and structure of the logo mark. Since blue is such a prevalent color in Greece, it was fitting to use in the logo of the Greek restaurant. Other considerations such as the collateral materials are heavily influenced by the organic genre of the restaurant. For example, papers used would all be from recycled materials as well as the cork.

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